How It All Began!

How It All Began!

How did we get here!  Well I'm so glad you asked.  FAITHimony was birthed from a place of resilence and determination to live life according to God's will and utilizing faith to conquer my God-given dreams.  

But I didn't get to that place overnight.  In fact it took me 10 years to be exact.  You see I lost my mother unexpectedly in May 2010.  And something about her abrupt passing opened the door to anxiety and fear.  I had just had my first child. and losing my mother paralyzed my ability to fully LIVE.   I became afraid to leave the house, to travel and I even stopped pursuing my dreams. I became a friend to fear and I definitely wasn't the one benefiting from our relationship.  So I knew things had to change.  I was sick of being tired.  Tired of living below my potential.  But fear kept me comfortable and left me questioning my every move.  Was I good enough, am I waisting my time?  Who's going to say yes?  But I knew in my heart God created me for more.  Mediocrity and hiding from my gifts and talents wasn't cutting it anymore.  I knew what I had to do.  I needed to call it off.  I had no choice.   Greater was calling my name and so I was determined.  It was time to break up with fear.   

I knew it wouldn't be easy.  I knew he was going to try to entice me back with his words of apology.  Letting me know he'd let me take one step towards my dreams, but not too enough to realize them.  I knew he'd try to tell me I had enough on my plate as is.  There was no way I had time to pursue a dream I'd had inside of me since I could remember dreaming.  Fear was sweet on the outside,  but a true monster at the core.  But I had made up my mind.  It was over between us.  I had met a new friend called Faith. Faith made me smile.  It made me feel like I could do all things through him.  Faith showed me my future and made a promise that what he showed me would come to pass as long as I believed and would work towards it.  FAITH had me at hello.  

One day, I was in the house, avoiding errands because fear of the unknown attempted to creep back in.  I wrestled with my thoughts and Living in fear is a trick of the enemy!  The word fear appears in the Bible 365 times.  That's not a coincidence.  That means God wanted to remind us daily that we are to put our faith in Him,  do the work and enjoy life.   


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