What is a Pre-order?
A pre-order allows customers to purchase an item that has been announced, but not yet released. This means the item is not in-stock, and generally will be released within a two month period from the original pre-order date. Pre-orders ensure you will receive the item you want most.  Please be informed that, after placing the pre-order, no quantity, size or color changes are allowed.

When will my pre-order be charged?
We will charge the full amount via your selected payment method once the order is placed. It is not possible to modify the payment method after it has been processed.

When will my Pre-order ship?
You can check the estimated shipping date either on the product's page or in your confirmation email.  Typically pre-orders ship 45-60 days from pre-order purchase date.  Please note, pre-order ship dates will be displayed on the product page.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation with Covid-19 manufacturing has been behind. Because of this the original release dates are subject to change at any time. Please be patient, we have little to no control over receiving pre-order items and we will try to keep customers up to date with any new information if applicable. 

If I have multiple items, will they ship together?
To save on shipping costs and materials, we will try our best to have full orders shipped together. If by chance missing items are taking too long to arrive we will ship out what items we do have in-stock.

Can I cancel/return my Pre-order?
At this time WE ARE NOT allowing cancelations, changes, exchanges or returns on pre-orders. If your address has changed from when you originally placed your pre-order please email to get your order(s) updated. 

Will you get more inventory for sold out items?
Generally we will not get more inventory for sold out pre-orders, but sometimes this is a possibility. Please feel free to talk to our support for further details on items.

If you have further questions about Pre-orders please feel free to email us at